When Salvador Dali created his famous painting "The Persistence of Memory" in 1931 which is currently in the New York City Museum of Modern Art, depicting melted watches, his surrealist vision shook the world and gained fanatical enthusiasts. 

Influenced by Dali's forms, the golsmith Theophanis Ramiotis created a collection inspired by the work of the great surrealist painter. The idea is that Hellenism, saved through the designs and authentic techniques, insists on being preserved through time through memory. Although the forms are altered as the metal wears, the Greek style remains, in a minimal refreshed form.

The new models are crafted using authentic old Greek traditional jewelery techniques but they have an abstract structure. They are bent by their endeavor to endure the burden of time, but persist, as the memory that preserves their existence.

Our "Persistence of Greek Memory" is here. Enjoy it.


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