Theofanis Ramiotis 

Theofanis Ramiotis, owner and designer in GOLD & ART studied silver and goldsmithing in MOCUME School, from which he graduated with GRADE A.

His certified studies include excellent knowledge of creation and design concerning handmade and productive jewellery, specializing in ecclesiastical and traditional jewellery. His creations in relation to used techniques have been exhibited in the Lalaounis’ Museum, with excellent reviews.

Since 2005, he has been holding a jewellery shop in Istiaia alongside with a workshop offering handmade and productive jewellery, as a continuation of his father’s (Panagiotis Ramiotis) business, a 40-year-old business.

Since 2013 and on, Theofanis has been systematically exhibiting his work, offering speeches related to jewellery both in cultural events and events organized by the Greek Orthodox Church. 

You can view speeches and interviews here 


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Awards of our firm GOLD & ART

Shopping experience of the Year in Central Greece 2018 από το Travel & Hospitality Awards.

διάκριση στο διαγωνισμό Αετοί των Κοσμημάτων 2019

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