The GOLD & ART Workshop undertakes to construct any jewel you may like on our design or your owns, after contacting us by phone at +302226052462 and +306932592357 to clarify any queries on the construction piece and to agree on the labor fee and the delivery times.

All items are handmade, made with patience and care and for this reason you should have patience, it takes a while for them to be costructed and delivered to the customer. For most handmade items, it takes approximately one month for the order to be finalized, but depends on the type of jewelery or precious item to be made, as well as the workload of the workshop.

Before the labor starts, there should be a deposit for the order confirmation. This is 50% of the value of the jewelry for values up to 300€, or 35% for jewellery valued over 300€ . The value is deposited in a bank account, and upon its confirmation, the creation of the jewelery or object begins.

Throughout the course of construction, according to the initial agreement, the customer can gradually pay the jewelery ordered, but in any case the final dose should coincide with the receipt of the item.

The construction of jewelery starts from the day of confirmation of the deposit to the bank account.

Throughout the course of the construction, the client is informed about his order with photographs from the creation of the object in order to make any modifications in time.

When the jewel is complete, a photo is sent to the customer via e-mail and after the final dose of the value has been deposited into our bank account or cash on delivery, the item or items are dispatched, by courrier or as agreed. If the bank payment is selected, the items are sent when we confirm that the last dose has been paid.

If the customer does not want to pick up the item, the prepaid money is not refunded. Also there are no returns or changes accepted to custom items.

Items are delivered with the appropriate packaging so that they can be safely transported, but also protected and stored for a long time and accompanied by the appropriate proof or invoice.

At your disposal for any information,

Theofanis Ramiotis

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